One Woman art show and dance demonstrations with the TCC Dance Company; Federation of Philippine American Organizations in Georgia; Federation Induction and Tea Party; Atlanta Marriott Hotel; August 5, 2006

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From the Events Press Release:
Federation Induction & Tea Party Presents Kinaesthetics, LLC- Sport As Art's CEO Currently and Consistently Ranked 2nd Nationally @ the U.S.World Professional Cabaret Dancing - the young Dr. Caroline Picart, an English professor, Florida State University. We invite you to watch this brilliant Philippine American defining the essence and charm of a true Filipino. Her acrobatic performance in dance will take your breath away as she flawlessly ramp in the ballroom of Marriott. TCC Dance Company from Florida will enhance her creativity par excellance. A gallery of Dr. Picart's portraits will be on display as a toast to the First PhilAm Afternoon Tea Party. Please Plan on attending . You don't want to miss this opportunity especially to dance enthusiasts. FPAOG is very grateful to Dr. Picart, the famous TCC Company, and Aurora Hansen for their generosity.