HUM 6939: Pedagogy Training in Teaching Multicultural Film
HUM 5915: Technology Training for Teaching Multicultural Film

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Designed and Taught by: Dr. Caroline ("Kay") Picart

Summer Semester 2002
June 24-August 2, M, T, W, Th

1-1:30 p.m., Williams 217 (technology training)
2-3:40 p.m., Williams 204 (pedagogy seminar)
3:40-7 p.m., Williams 204 (film viewing-optional)

Welcome to the companion site to Multicultural Film and Twentieth Century Culture (HUM3321), accessible at:

This course will employ principally a discussion and seminar format, and will integrate the effective use of technology (e.g., Blackboard, powerpoint, videos, when relevant). As you are taking this course, you will be undergoing the one credit training in the use of Blackboard and Powerpoint, which are pre-requisites.

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